Project Description


There aren’t too many companies that can say they’ve been around longer than any person living on the earth today. Having started life in Nottingham, England in 1887, we’re one of a handful of companies that can.

We still design hundreds of bikes every year, from your first bikes to your fastest bikes, and we’ve been doing it for generations. With over 125 years experience of designing the best bikes around, plus one of the biggest cycle accessory distribution arms in the UK, it’s no wonder we’re the nation’s favourite bike brand.

In fact, we can go one step further, we’re the only bike brand listed in the UK’s Superbrands list. Now that’s something!

Keen-eyed cyclists will spot the famous Raleigh Heron’s head badge in well over 100 countries around the world, which helped coin the saying here: ‘the sun never sets on a Raleigh’.

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